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Why Is Meditation So Absolutely Necessary?

Feeling lost, removed, or just bone tired? The physical world is so demanding and loud as it screams for your attention. Your stress levels go up with every grueling sound of what is called success. A busy, stressful life requires more self care, not less. Daily meditation gives your inner world a much needed respite from the incessant noise of instinct perceptions–the ones that drive you to be more, do more, seek more in the form of validation from others, and a need to meet a culturally imposed ideal self.

Instinct patterns of perception can feel like the death of your soul because they function through fear. All kinds of fear. Many so subtle you don’t even realize that you are feeling it. Fear of not being enough for others can constantly chip away at your peace and joy. Fear can be the short thought that you might be left alone, or you might not have help when you need it, or you might not know the right thing at the right time, and on and on.

Instinct patterns drive you to think, feel, and respond in ways that actually cause more fear and more problems. When you incarnate into a physical body, you are imprinted with a two-dimensional pattern of perception that acts as a veil. That veil is your instinct and it shrouds your true self, your whole consciousness. It prevents you from knowing your whole self. Why?

I can think of one reason, and I am guessing that there are many. When you are whole, it is difficult to fully understand all the various parts of yourself. Much like when you live a privileged life, it is difficult to understand how people living in a more powerless state are affected by life circumstances. When you are not incarnate, you are whole. Incarnation imprints your separated consciousness with an instinct pattern of perception which allows you to know yourself in a more complete way–it provides you a platform to see the various parts of you.

If you are not aware of how your instinct functions, and what your pattern is, it causes you to feel competitive (a form of fear) because you need to acquire physical resources like food, water, a place to live, etc. Instinct causes you to see the outside world as a threat of some kind. The threat you experience depends on which of the four patterns of perception is strongest in you (There is a free test you can take on the website (URL below) that will show you your dominant pattern).

Instinct is loud, dominating, seeks power, competes, judges others, seeks validation from outside itself, forms clubs and groups intended to exclude others and preserve its own allies, and most importantly, creates more problems than it ever solves. Why? Because instinct is two-dimensional. It sees the world as us/them, win/lose, etc. This way of thinking creates problems because all of its solutions are designed from these two-dimensional constructs, which means opposites. When you create only opposition, the only result is conflict. Because the majority of people are dominated by their instinct patterns, and they become leaders and policy-makers . . . you can see the problem.

Meditation puts you into a heart-centered energy of consciousness, where wholeness lives. Meditation provides your soul with a respite from the clanging loud voice of instinct, if only for a brief time. It reminds you of home, your whole consciousness, and of what matters most by making room for wholeness to emerge into your awareness, changing your perception of the outside world from one of a competitive fight for survival to one of helping each other thrive by sharing resources, sharing power, and remembering who you really are–for a moment.

Instinct is necessary for survival and will always be with you. The goal is not to eliminate it, but to understand it well enough to make choices of when and how to use it, and to recognize it when it is causing you problems and suffering. Meditation gives you a different view of your instinct perceptions. MEDITATION IS THE FIRST IN A TRINITY OF RESOURCES THAT HELP YOU CONNECT WITH YOUR WHOLE CONSCIOUSNESS. In the next few articles I will discuss the differences between meditation, visualization, and intuition, how each works and feels within you.

I provide you a map of your psyche and the instinct patterns of perception so that you can be empowered to make choices about the problems and solutions that you create. Evolution back to whole consciousness is your right, your responsibility, and how you return home.

Please visit to take the free pattern test. This, and meditation, is your first step to becoming empowered with knowledge that gives you choice and the right to a better life.


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