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Agent of God Classes.

The template you were given at birth creates a reality that you experience as pain and suffering. This is on purpose, but what is also a part of your purpose is to return home to wholeness if at all possible where there is no pain or suffering. There is a specific way to do that. I want to show you how to not only return home to wholeness while incarnate, but also how to use Lemurian Intuition technology to advance your life.

Mountains Meet Lake

Arielmore from Pixabay

In the "Agent of God" class you will learn how your instinct template helps you act as an agent of the collective unconscious that I call God. You will discover how your template can show you the way home to wholeness and how to end the pain and suffering of your past. $45 | 90 minutes


In the "Advanced Agent of God" class, you will learn how to use Lemurian Intuitive Technology. The ancient Lemurian culture used this technology to create healing chambers and to advance their society. $45 | 90 minutes


Only one participant per registration. This allows us to have a complete guest list. I look forward to working with you.

Discussion sessions are available to anyone who has taken a class. These sessions are meant to further support your efforts to utilize what you've learned in the classes. You will need a registration code that is included in the email you received when you registered for a class. $33 | 1-2 hours

I also offer a limited number of one-on-one private sessions. A 50 minute hour is priced at $140. Please contact me directly to book an appointment. 

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