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Is it Time to Begin Your Paradigm Shift?

Allowing the mind to stray into the past or fantasize about the future is to block one’s attention on higher self. Only in the now moment can one hear the guidance offered by higher self. Staying in the now allows you to be in control of your mind. The ego instinct strives for control of others.

The ego instinct mind wants to retain control of all thinking processes. Sometimes this can seem like we have no control over our thoughts at all, but we do. The ego instinct mind travels to the past, reliving experiences in which it felt attacked or at a loss in some way. It fantasizes about how the scenario should have gone so it would win whatever battle it is perceiving. Once you become aware of its tactics, this is very interesting to observe and shift.

The ego instinct mind also likes to travel one’s thinking to the future where it fantasizes further on dreams of excellence and bravado. More winning against others in some way. Focusing on the past can bring depression, while focusing on the future can bring anxiety. Both situations are about a perceived lack of control over how life happens to you.

The way out of this conundrum is to stay present and learn how to listen to higher self. That is where your wisdom and knowledge of outcomes lives. You can access that with practice. Our aim at Human A Different Way is to show you how to do this. It takes time, practice and effort, but the rewards are very great. Peace, self-love, feeling secure, and much more are found in this way.

I want to be very transparent with you that to begin this work is an initiation. It takes you into the multidimensional realms. Once you experience that, there is no going back without causing yourself misery. This work will change you and we are here when you feel ready.

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