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What type of Agent of God are you?


As a human being in physical form, you are an agent of God. As an agent you are experiencing various kinds of consciousness so that the collective energy that makes up everything that exists (God) can know itself. You can't see, or know, all of your parts when you're whole. You are a piece of God on a mission.

Whole consciousness is what we all long for. It is our home, our sanctuary. Our longing provides a driving desire to return to it. This is on purpose, so we don't get stuck in the lower energies of physicality. 

When you incarnated, you took your first breath and were imprinted with a template that gives you your instincts. Those instincts are a lens through which you see the world and all of your interactions with others. That lens allows you to have a small piece of consciousness energy so you can experience it and take that knowledge back to the collective when you pass. 

Why should you care about this? Have you had a life-long experience of:

  • Being rejected

  • Feeling abandoned 

  • Being betrayed by others

  • Or feeling isolated and alone while striving to understand?

These experiences are a direct result of your template. There are only 4 of them. 

The imprinted templates that I've discovered are depicted in a model I call Archedomi®. It shows patterns of perception that are your emotional and mental drivers. I discerned Archedomi through my work as an intuitive (seeing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with illness), and I've spent 24 years structuring it to give it voice. No one else in the world has this information about you.

If you feel moved to begin the journey toward home to peace and inner independence, sign up for the next class. This work is deep, and powerful. Please do not enter it lightly. It will absolutely change your life, in really good ways, but it will change. I offer a 90 minute Agent of God class that teaches you about the templates and how they work to keep you stuck in pain and suffering. This happens because we don't understand that we have them, or how to use them properly. 


Then I offer an Advanced Agent of God class that teaches you more about how to use Lemurian Intuition Technology. Modern humans in Western culture rely heavily on electronic technology. The Lemurians were the first humans to be seeded with divinity and they had access to whole consciousness. They knew how to use their divinity to work with energy and the earth. I have tapped into some of that knowledge through a past incarnation in Lemuria. I want to show you how powerful you really are as a piece of God.


Then to help you learn how to apply the class concepts to your life, I offer group support sessions of open discussion that help you apply the concepts that free you from the bonds of your template. You may join any group session you wish. Pre-pay for the group at least one-hour ahead and you will be able to join, if not full. Each support session is sold separately to allow your needs to be met according to you. You must have taken a class to be eligible for the support sessions.


Agent of God class:    $45

Advanced Agent of God Class:   $45

Group support sessions:   $33 each. 

Private coaching sessions:  $140 ~ 50 minute hour. Contact Boston

The cost of not learning how you function as a piece of God is a lifetime of what has been your past. I look forward to meeting you. 

Not for trauma or mental illness.

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Polished Stones

Feel at home with Lemurian Healing Stones. 

The Lemurian Healing Stones are a tool that helps you to connect with your intuition and unleash your personal power by acting as a resonator for the whole consciousness that is already a part of you. When I am charging these stones with Lemurian healing energy, I feel a consciousness of love and compassion, but also a feeling of home; peacefulness, fullness, belonging. The most often reported reaction to possessing a Lemurian Healing Stone is the experience of deep friendship and comfort, as though the stone is a best friend. It's like going home.

Read the story of how these stones came to be, in this Article.

Find your healing stone here.

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