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Intuition and Knowledge

Intuition and Knowledge

Two constructs that may seem in opposition are intuition and knowledge. Before their opposition can be discerned, a look at what they are may be needed. Knowledge is information based on facts of our reality. Knowledge is gained through experience, through scientific experiment, through the condition of learning a new truth, and it is the total sum of what one might understand.

Intuition is defined by Merrium Webster as “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference” and “immediate apprehension or cognition”. This means that intuition can lead to knowledge.

In the Archedomi Model there are two axes, one is knowledge and the other is Self. Self means sense of self, higher self, your intuitive nature, or feeling nature. This is because the four element patterns work on these two planes of knowledge and intuition. These are the two sides of psyche. Some people are so dominant in one element that they have difficulty accepting the others and their attributes. Why is this important?

The four element patterns within the Archedomi model depict how you perceive the world around you. The psyche’s goal while incarnate is to reunite all four elements and their processes into wholeness, rather than allowing the ego to get stuck in one or two of them. Doing so masters duality. How does that work?

Intuition is communication from your higher self, the part of you that is hidden from ego/instinct awareness. Nikola Tesla spoke of using his imagination to design and construct a new invention prior to building it. He used his inner guidance to make it work before he built it. Albert Einstein said that problems cannot be solved with the same thinking we used to create them. The ego/instinct wants to control and solve problems from its limited two-dimensional perspective, which only works in urgent situations. Using the intuition of higher self allows for a plethora of potential solutions and doing so allows for better long-term solutions.

Intuition is knowledge in the form of consciousness energy that has to be translated by the recipient. I think that most everyone has experienced an “aha” moment that sparked an idea. Where did that come from? As Dr. Carl Jung pointed out, the collective unconscious energies emerge as images. Those energies, or structuring patterns as he called them, have to be understood to be useful. This is where knowledge comes in. The more you know, the easier it is for higher self to communicate to you through your intuition.

I will use myself as an example. Over twenty years ago I saw someone use the medicine wheel to interpret psychological processes. After a time, I felt “downloaded” with a bunch of information such as four fears, and four reactions that seemed to fit with a lot of what I had seen in clients who came to me for medical intuitive readings. Their health issues were directly related to how they thought. For example Chronic Fatigue syndrome was caused by giving away their life force to make other people happy. This shriveled up the root cord that nourishes the body with electromagnetic energy from the earth.

I followed my intuition and found more ideas that fit into these four patterns. But I didn’t have a language to explain it to others. I wrote about it, I talked about it, and I thought about it for years. I realized that no one was going to listen to me until I had a language and a degree of knowledge to base it in. That is why I got a Ph.D in depth psychology. Not because I thought Jung’s work was perfect for this, although it is, but because that is where my higher self led me. I knew little to nothing of Jung before attending school to study his work. I trusted my relationship with my higher self because it had never failed me. My ego fails me constantly. Higher self, never.

Without knowledge, one can spend years trying to understand the images and ideas of higher self. It must work with what you know. So the more you know, the more creative you can be, and the better problem solver you can be. You don’t have to know everything and you can’t, but you do have to know enough about the ideas that come to you to do something with them. Follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell said, and you can’t go wrong. You will be led to what you need to know.


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