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Consciousness is Evolving

Consciousness is evolving and we are trapped by limited language within our current level of conscious functioning. That language will not continue to serve us as we move forward. A new language of psychic energy understanding and management is here.

There exists a chasm between what we have been and what we are becoming. On the other side of the abyss is what we are somewhat aware of longing for: peace, cooperative society, compassionate business, compassionate economics, compassionate politics, shared authority and more yet to emerge into awareness.

The magic is to use energy to manage our evolution. To create new language, new ideas, and reach out to bring balance to social structures from within. The elemental patterns are girders that build a bridge across the chasm.

Evolution means change, and change can be shocking, traumatic even, especially when it surprises us. We cannot control what is coming. We will evolve whether we want to or not. The questions are, how much will it hurt and can we avoid suffering the shock?

The answers are; as much as we want, and yes. Archedomi provides the map for how to get it done. We will show you how to work your energy system with knowledge and tools that have been a lifetime in the making.

The abyssal chasm can seem too big to cross, but it isn’t. Energy work is the vehicle to get us across the bridge. Why? Because managing your energy system is Self-Care and Self-Care is how you deal with shock and trauma. It is about managing ourselves, not the process. We can swim at the top of the river of change, or we can get smashed along the rocks at the bottom. Energy work builds a bridge of comfort to help you cross the chasm, as you evolve. On the other side of that chasm is who and what we are to become. I see compassionate business, compassionate economics, compassionate politics and compassionate societies. I see equality, respect, fair sharing of resources and shifts to self-mastery.

Our world is facing fundamental and powerful challenges. All hands on deck are needed to cooperatively break through to new answers. You are needed.


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