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What People Say

These are real people, which is why we use their full name. We publish all of their comments and do not pick out portions that suit us.

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Sue Henry
Coupeville, WA

I attended an introductory class in November of 2021 consisting of a series of videos explaining the Archedomi Model.  My opinion of this working model of thinking for a “compassionate life and method of learning evolved will” is that in reducing our instinctive patterns, we allow time for our intuition to be an active part of

our thought process.


It is a key for unlocking forced conformity.  We are allowed the freedom from reactive thoughts.  It is not easy to let go of our fear based fellowship.  One must realize that when you choose to develop an evolved will motivated by loving thoughts, that the world around you will change.


It is like a new lens to see that choice matters, that reuniting with your higher self - staying in the present moment -

allows for inspired thinking.


Now that I have gone through this change in thinking, I cannot go back. I have permanently taken down the fences that held me back. To live fully in the present moment is my only response.

Katie Simonton
Edmonds, WA

Working with Dr. Boston Carter and the Archedomi model has been life changing. Boston helped me see how I had been living, acting and reacting, from instinctual patterns. I learned to recognize and understand these patterns and then how to move from instinct to evolved will. I noticed changes in my life almost immediately. Boston is a gifted healer, and spiritual guide.

Michele Lynn
Freeland, WA

The Archedomi model is not only a remarkably astute description of personality 'types' but it also articulates a process for transitioning from the less conscious aspects of each type to a more 'self realized' place of possibilities. For anyone drawn toward deep self-knowledge and development, this model is really helpful for recognizing your vulnerabilities and moving through them toward greater freedom.

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