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Visualization: Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on Meditation, Visualization, and Intuition

A triangle with the phi symbol inside and the four elements inside of that.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination”. Albert Einstein.

Imagine that you are walking outside on a dry day. The air is warm and the sun shining. Walking along behind you is a crowd of people murmuring amongst themselves while they wait to hear what you might say next. They all believe in you, your wisdom, your faith, your ever-present sense of fairness, and mostly, your ability to see them as they see themselves. You are compassionate and loving as you see others acting scared when they blame you for their issues. You see right through their instinct reactions and give them grace to manage it.

How do you feel being Gandhi for just a moment? If you like this feeling, you can call it up at any time. You are powerful that way. The feeling of being wise and admired is real. You felt it. What happens to your sense of self, or to your biology when you feel this way? It does not matter what you believe about yourself in general. You can still feel like Gandhi by imagining his experience.

Visualization is what Dr. Carl Jung called active imagination. It is the source of creation and an active intention that uses images and feelings to work with consciousness energy.

After a few moments of meditation, which is a practice of emptying the mind, and detaching feelings to be fully present (see previous article), working energy through visualization can begin. Physicists are starting to realize that everything is consciousness, and that means energy. Acting as an engine, feelings move energy while images provide the intent, or direction. Energy work can be used for healing, protection, manifestation, gaining access to information on other planes, and whatever you can imagine it could be for.

Working energy through visualization is an act of cooperation and an expression of gratitude.

Ending your meditation with the words, “thank you”, shift awareness to your heart center (index finger where collar bones meet, four finger widths down, and 2 inches inside the chest). Fear cannot dwell here. The heart center, or chakra, acts as a portal to whole consciousness, which means that the instinct mind cannot exist within it, making it the ideal place to put awareness for working energy. Fearlessness makes room for fullness of compassion and cooperation.

Now that you are centered in your heart chakra, take a few breaths. Keep breathing in a focused way until you have detached from the mundane world. What happens in the physical world is of no concern now.

You are about to create a special space, only for you, where you can go at any time to communicate with higher beings. Your imagined meeting space can be a room, or a place outside. Then you will need a place to sit, and a screen. Let’s begin.

  • Close your eyes and place your awareness within your heart center, if you’ve not already done so.

  • Take some deep breaths until you feel yourself settle into detachment from the outside world.

  • Now see yourself standing at the beginning of your pathway or hallway to your sacred special place. Visualize being a few meters long so you have room to walk.

  • Take a few steps and as you go, feel your feet pressing firmly against the ground or floor under your feet. Each step grounds you further, centering you deeper.

  • After a few meters, turn left and reach out to open a gate or door to your space. Step through to the inside, turn and close the gate or door. It is now sealed. No one else who is, or was, incarnate, is ever allowed to enter this space. It is only yours.

  • Look around your space. Imagine your most comfortable space. Whether it is inside or outside, make it the most beautiful place you have ever been. If outside, does it have a water feature, mountains, trees, sunshine? Make it yours. If inside, what color are the walls? What objects do you want to have with you?

  • Create a place to sit with room to invite higher beings to join you, if you wish.

  • Sit in that place and make it comfortable.

  • Imagine a screen large enough to see any images that your higher beings might want to show you. Keep yourself detached from outcomes here. Super important.

This is your place. Stay here and enjoy it as long as you like. Visit as often as you wish. When you are ready, you can ask a question and ask for a being with the answer to come closer and sit with you. They may provide feelings, or images on your screen as a form of communication.

Be who you want to be in this place. This is where you are fully seen, appreciated, and loved. No judgments allowed here. And so it is.


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