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Discover your Wisdom and Power

From Dr. Boston Carter.

Triangle with phi symbol in center and four elements

From Dr. Boston Carter

Sometimes elusive and sometimes bold, wisdom slowly pulls us toward it over the course of a lifetime, of many lifetimes, as if it is the fabled siren calling us into the depths of our being. Her soft magnetic draw ignites the ideal self with visions of greatness. How can she be held and cradled into every day experience?

Wisdom dwells within consciousness. It is as much a part of your psyche as is your soul, your instincts, and your intuition. Consciousness is energy. It is not physically tangible. It is energy and wisdom is one type of energy that you can call upon when you know how. Wisdom allows you to make decisions that turn out well more often than not.

Consciousness energy flows like water through a hose. It begins with an outer event. It doesn’t matter what that event is. It can be anything. That event turns on the faucet that begins the flow through the hose. The hose leads right inside of you where it must pass through your filter called instinct. Instinct is a lower frequency energy of consciousness, much like cold water. Instinct is a product of nature, meant for use with your physical existence. Instinct tells you when something is a threat. Actually instinct sees almost everything as a threat. That is its nature and purpose. It is the coldest archetypal water of consciousness energy, and it occurs in patterns.

There are four patterns of instinct filters, specifically. Only four, and one of them belongs to you. That outer event begins a movement of energy that your instinct perceives first. It is within your instinct filter that you feel rejected, betrayed, confused, or abandoned. Here you experience feeling powerless in some way. That in itself is a threat. You do have the power to choose at this point. Once you perceive through your instinct filter, you choose whether to continue perceiving through that filter, or whether you will move your consciousness energy through the valve into the symbolic realm.

Symbolism takes the event and makes it meaningful, or gives it purpose and justification. Symbolism allows for belief systems to emerge that help us cope in some way. Beliefs such as, “everything happens for a reason”, or “What challenges you makes you stronger”, or “God did this for me to learn”. Instinct might blame God for doing this to you, but the symbolic level brings acceptance and meaning.

As consciousness energy flows through you, and yes, you are the hose, it can go beyond the symbolic level to that of whole consciousness. When your energy flows to this level of functioning, you access wisdom, love, compassion, and simple joys of living. It is here that intuition resides, swimming in the lake of a successful soul journey.

When you are able to see a situation past the point of instinct interpretation, you are the wise sage and powerful in the ways of compassion, love, and personal freedom from suffering. Instinct keeps you suffering because it dwells in fear.

To learn how to recognize and quiet the loud instinct voice, and open to whole consciousness, you are invited to enroll in the Archedomi series of on-demand videos. The time to step into your whole self is now.

From Katherine Baxter:

The archetypes of the wise woman and the sage appeal to all seek as we seek deeper meaning, truth, and grounding. Where do you look for wisdom? What source do you go to when you are confused or in doubt? What do you need to make a solid, compassionate decision?

There are many sources of wisdom in your world. I think of the Thirteen Clan Grandmothers of the Native American cultures who carry the stories, the values and the experiences of their people, and who are consulted when the most important decisions need to be made. That in turn reminds me of those few very special teachers who reached beyond their subject to speak to my soul with greater truths. I consult my spiritual teachers, and wise elders who have been on the path before me. Sometimes I seek out the counsel of my children who have taught me so much about living. Often the wisdom of a dear friend can open a brand new vista for my heart to take in. Then there are books. Oh yes, there is wisdom in books that can jump out and surprise in the most unexpected places. I suppose you could say that there is no end to the sources of wisdom because anything can be a teacher and sage if you approach it with a receptive frame of mind.

At its heart, your wisdom resides within you and always has. Learning and advice can come from many sources, but it’s what you do with that knowledge that creates wisdom in action.The toddler who sees that Mommy is sad will offer the hug and the “I love you Mommy” that draws on the wisdom of seeing the spectrum of emotions in the house, and knowing what is needed at that moment. The child has seen beyond the expressed emotion and acted with compassion and heart.

It’s important to know and embrace your own wisdom. When you are in whole consciousness and can communicate with your inner voice, you can call on your wisdom to navigate the mundane world and deepen your spiritual connection. In whole consciousness you are connected to the unity field, and this gives you access to profound and durable truth. Your inner voice is trustworthy. A lifetime of lived experience immensely enhances your outer understanding and knowledge, but it is your inner connection that takes you to truth.

Your wisdom lives in the realm of love. Acting from your wisdom leads to compassion, understanding, and peace. You can check into this realm by connecting to your heart, suspending mundane thought, and practicing the art of listening intently to the soft, small voice inside. And when this voice speaks to you, trust your own wisdom, your “knowing”. It is your compass.

Learn how to recognize and quiet the loud instinct voice and open to whole consciousness You are invited to enroll in the Archedomi series of on-demand videos. The time to step into your whole self is now.

Triangle with phi symbol at center with four elements


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