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Meditation: First in a Three-Part Series

Sitting quietly on my Zafu, eyes closed, I begin by checking in with each of my senses, one by one. I hear birds chirping as I listen to the outer world. I hear my breath make a whispering whoosh sound while pushing air out of my nose, turning my attention to my inner world. Next, my awareness moves to a breeze kissing my skin, and the weight of my body pressing into the cushion, while tasting the fresh clean air as it enters my mouth. Eyes closed, images form that reminisce recent days as I watch them float past, fading into nothingness.

The art of meditation turns awareness from the outside to the inside, moving consciousness energy toward self where it can be processed with intention. Moving awareness more and more to the inner where I practice emptiness, allows for resonance, as consciousness detaches from instinct’s clanging loud voice. Its entire purpose is to keep my attention on the outside world where it sees threats, a need for competition, and power. To instinct, fullness is acquired through the material objective world. That is its purpose–physical survival and comparison of self to other.

Stepping away from primal distraction returns me to true wholeness. Emptying the mind of instinct is fullness to higher self. Meditation frees the mind of instinct, making room for higher self to dwell by turning inward.

Mediation is the first step in working with consciousness energy–and all energy is consciousness.

The more I do it, the easier it is to dwell in wholeness for more of the time–the easier it is to access other inner practices that dwell in wholeness like visualization and intuition. The mind functions through habitual patterns that can be modified. Without attention to that feature of the human psyche, the default pattern is instinct, which causes problems.

Meditation provides a feeling of peace, detachment from what others think, and a genuine compassion for helping others. This state of being reduces stress, aids in good health, and loses my sense of time, allowing me to be completely present for a deeply full experience of peace and detachment.

The first meditative step in practicing whole consciousness brings me closer to myself as I detach from the outer world. The next step is working energy with conscious intent. I’ll talk about that next week in the 2nd part of this trilogy on consciousness–Visualization.

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