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The Promise

The Promise

Socrates said, “pothos (longing) is expressive of the desire of that which is not present but absent”

Longing–an expression of something not present, or something missed, as if an empty space is reserved for something, held with a sense of sacredness and reverence. Gaston Bachelard describes fire in this way–that there is a common pose humans take when staring into a flame, watching the light lick the sky as it reaches for . . . something. One sits on haunches with hands folded together under chin, as though in prayer, while holding the flame in great reverie. The empty longing slightly soothed as gaze is fully engaged in the flicker.

Dr. Carl Jung suggested that longing is a result of opposites attempting to reunite within the psyche. In his view the reunification of opposites is the end goal–to reach what he called individuation. A state of being that pulls at the soul, calling out in a distant whisper, individuation, or what I call wholeness, masquerades as a daunting task, while in truth, is a simple choice, but a choice that must be made in every moment of life.

Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Coco Chanel, and many others are known to have used their intuition to guide them in their pursuits. Intuition is the energy of consciousness, a gift that everyone possesses in larger part than what is called rational intellect. Jude Currivan points out that physicists are realizing that the only thing to truly exist is consciousness because “all physical complex and chaotic systems are based on underlying nonphysical complex plane attractors and fractal patterns”. Fractals are simple quadratic equations, such as ax2 + bx + c = 0 that are reiterated into images. They are how nature creates matter and the psyche is a product of nature.

Consciousness is a thing that can be observed as real, much like time, gravity and magnetism, without them being physically tangible, or even very studyable. These are phenomena that can be called multidimensional because they belong to the non-physical realm that is observable.

A Hindu monk named Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, also known as Guru Deva, experienced a period of channeling. He spent time on Kauai island, sipping coffee while seeking answers within himself–an intuitive approach to gathering knowledge. One reason this may seem like an inappropriate way to gain information is because what we don’t understand yet is that within each human being is the ability to access knowledge from past incarnations, as well as other nonphysical records. Guru Deva did something like this. His monastic life provided him intense and prolonged focus on his inner being, allowing him access to his higher self, and intuitive mind, through his akashic record (the record of all human experience). As a side note, what Currivan purports that physicists are realizing the very expansion of the universe is created by lived experience being recorded and written on the universe itself.

In his book, Lemurian Scrolls, Guru Deva tells the story of human origins coming to earth from the Pleiades (in the constellation of Taurus),

in the pursuit of unfolding into the ultimate attainment, realization of the Self within, information about ancient Lemuria and its spiritual culture, the vast cycles of time governing periods of spiritual awakening and spiritual darkness on this planet and the relationship between the galaxy's Central Sun, man’s consciousness and the kundalini force (Foreword).

Lemuria is the ancient land where humans from the Pleiades began their task of seeding the new humans of earth with divinity. They did this by having whole consciousness based Pleiadian females mate with the very instinct minded new human males. Divinity is right there in our DNA, waiting for us to awaken it, like Guru Deva, Christ, and others have done. What remains of Lemuria today is Hawaii. Guru Deva gathered this information on the ancient land of Lemuria, on the island of Kauai.

Channeled information from Kryon, a completely separate source from Guru Deva, tells us that about 350 million souls incarnated during the Lemurian epoch and only about a thousand had more than one incarnation there. Those souls have reincarnated throughout the ages helping to spread the divinity in our DNA. Those who did have incarnations in Lemuria often weep when they visit Hawaii. I certainly did. My time on Kauai changed me, and gave me access to my past incarnation of Lemuria and the knowledge I held then, much like what I suspect happened to Guru Deva. The energy of whole consciousness was placed in the land of Lemuria and it remains today. If you were a Lemurian, you may weep when you visit. If you were not Lemurian, you may feel drawn to the place and love it, but may not weep. Doesn’t matter either way. I returned home with a new ability to channel the energy of whole consciousness and I was “instructed” by my past self to charge stones with that energy. That is why I now sell Lemurian Healing Stones. They act as resonators to awaken the divinity that is in your DNA. They bring Lemuria to you.

Longing, or yearning, for something is the Lemurian promise within DNA, to return home to whole consciousness, or divinity. That state of being like Guru Deva, Christ, and many others, awaits. The longing is a drive to seek the fire within, the reverent light flickering as a candle, waiting to be stoked bigger by choosing to become aware of it. Longing is built into humans as a promise that forces one to seek the return, even when it feels scary to do so.

Why does it feel scary sometimes?

The human instinct mind remains dominant. It is the default perception based on fear, meant to help one navigate the physical world for survival. Part of the big cycle in consciousness evolution requires that consciousness separate from wholeness. This allows souls to fully know Self. Experiencing the separate parts of consciousness allows souls to know Self well–a task that cannot be done when whole. Wholeness can’t see parts.

Jung suggested that longing is a result of a drive to reunite the opposites. So it is. Instinct functions in opposites. Wholeness functions in multidimensional properties. Longing promotes seeking to reunite the instinct with higher self, back to whole consciousness. Socrates said that longing is a response to that which is missed. So it is. Longing is a divine right and duty to Self, and the collective, to return home. Home is how it feels to fill up with whole consciousness energy. The empty goes away and home is what remains.

I have one more point to make before I close. Currivan, as quoted above, wrote, “all physical complex and chaotic systems are based on underlying nonphysical complex plane attractors and fractal patterns”.

I have used my intuitive sight to glean information, like Einstein, Tesla, and even Jung. Then I compare, and build on others' work, like any good scientist. Jung showed that consciousness works in opposites. I show that it is the instinct mind, a part of consciousness, that works in opposites. Whole consciousness works in multidimensional systems, like time, magnetism, and gravity. Because instinct belongs to the physical world, it is constructed from fractal patterns. I have shown how this works in my Archedomi® model. If you want to move your awareness to whole consciousness, it would be much easier and faster to do so if you are aware of how instinct prevents it.

The promise within DNA is that reunion with wholeness will be sought. Actually reuniting with wholeness is a choice. Instinct is designed to dominate your perceptions. If you don’t know how to choose wholeness, you are leaving it to chance, and instinct, which is the opposite of wholeness.

Please visit to enroll in online, on-demand, video courses that share all about the instinct patterns and how to choose to move out of them. Lemurian Healing Stones, and Archedomi oracle cards, are available as tools that help you resonate with the wholeness that is already within you. There is no right or wrong about choosing to do this work, but the information is available should you feel called to begin.

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