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Signs and Management of Impending Energies

Extreme division in the collective is a good sign of an imminent transcendence.

Dr. Carl Jung pointed out that the human mind functions in sets of opposites. Contradictive energies, such as love and fear, pull at each other like a tug-of-war. Imagine a rubber band being stretched from two ends, creating tension. The more you pull, the more likely it is to snap. When tension builds between polarized energies within the mind, the breaking snap is what Jung called a transcendent function.

What he meant by a transcendent function is that the mind has to move to a new level of conscious functioning so it can rationalize, or bring back to order, the two opposites. The extreme degree of tension between opposing ends starts to create chaos that breaks down the old ways of being. This is similar to a caterpillar entering its chrysalis to dissolve into a chaotic pile of goo–transcending by reorganizing the goo into a new body that is now functioning in a very different way. Where it once had multitudes of legs to crawl along the ground, it now has four wings that make it fly.

A transcendent function is part of human psychic life that happens individually and collectively. The collective can be a family, a group, an organization, a city, state, or nation. On more rare occasions a transcendent function can also happen to the entire world population at the same time. One example of global transcendence is when earth, astrologically speaking, entered the Age of Pisces. An archetypal figure appeared as an oracle delivering a message of hope for the future. His message spread over the next many years and it grew into a religion that depicted his philosophy of “love one another”. It may be safe to say that his message had a significant impact as it created a new moral compass.

Earth is once again entering a new astrological age– Aquarius. Where Pisces was about sacrifice, among other things, Aquarius is about equality, social justice, personal freedom, and more.

The psychic tension among current inverse ideologies prevails over these issues. To avoid becoming political, I’ll not go into what those issues are. Anyone checking the news can see them. Right and left principles are growing further and further apart creating more and more strife, stretching the rubber band tighter, and tighter.

This is good news!

Although divisions may seem hopeless, they are far from it. What is happening right now is the precursor to a global transcendent function. Collective humanity, like a caterpillar, spins a ball of silk from which to hang, while a giant chrysalis is grown for the transformation. Celebrate it.

Pluto has entered Aquarius. Saturn has entered Pisces, and more is going on between now and fall of this year. Chaos is coming, and that is a good thing because it means that very soon, the collective psyche will be forced to radically re-evaluate social systems. Coming soon is a compassionate economy that is built on equity and fairness, a loving social system that cares for people regardless of race or ideology, and a political system that no longer supports elite greed.

Witness these transitions and prepare to participate in creating new systems. Above all, honor them. Maintain focus on your heart center and what you can give. If you make it about you, what happens to you, what you might get out of it, etc., instinct will make you feel scared. Focus on what you can do to help others and the fear won’t catch you. If you do feel scared, return attention to helping others. Call a friend and ask what you can do for them, even if it means doing something you don’t like. Do it. Think of it as practice for the new mind. Compassion is the rule now.

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