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How Does Giving or Taking Change the Energy Dynamic?

How does giving or taking change the energy dynamic? The ego/instinct is usually in take mode, while higher-self is usually in give mode. Both are necessary, of course, but if you can learn to recognize which is which, then you can choose when and how to utilize these attributes within you.

Playing a game with someone is a great way to see this in action. When you focus on winning, you are in a taking position, which often forces the energy to contract and become stilted. When energy contracts, it does so from the ego/instinct. The solar plexus area of your body will feel active when this happens. Anytime that the ego/instinct is in control, you can usually feel it in that area. The solar plexus will never feel active when your higher self is engaged. Higher self is felt in the heart area.

Focusing on winning is the same as trying to force an outcome. Force is an attempt to control and may be met with resistance. Nature, which is the creation of energy, seeks flow. Working energy is about learning how to manage flow, how to work with its natural condition.

To put this into practice, focus on playing well, while detaching from winning. This means to eliminate any sense of competition within you while remaining focused on putting forth your best effort. Perhaps this is a form of competing with yourself only.

Doing this in games is a great way to exercise the much needed skill of detachment from outcomes and find the fine lines of these energies within you. Playing a game with awareness of these dynamics will teach you detachment, competition, giving, taking, intentional focus, and how to manage energy. You will learn a great deal about yourself and how these different energies feel, and how they can be used effectively.

We are not in control of anything but ourselves, ever. Sometimes we get lucky and others are not managing their energies well so we get by with a lot. But as people learn how to manage their own energy flow and dynamics, getting by with old habits will become very difficult.

Because our desire to control outcomes, win at everything, and other ego/instinct based perspectives is founded in fear, and our default dominant perception, it is super important to understand fear in all of its forms. We have to begin sorting fear energies because they are the default position for the psyche.

To begin sorting fear, I use a biblical reference for the purpose of bringing a new perspective to fear. I’ve often heard that the bible says we are born of sin, or we are born bad. In these contexts, sin has been interpreted as immorality. I put forth here a different idea. What if we replace the word sin with the word fear? We are born afraid because the ego/instinct must use two dimensional thinking and the linear complexity that nature uses to form matter. I talk about this inside the coursework. It is the two-dimensional thinking that reduces options for reaction to a binary choice for the sake of the speediest defensive response. Having no option to move out of fear, more finessed problem solving is sacrificed for speed. Ego/Instinct can’t see beyond the binary and is thus trapped in fear. This is good for basic survival, but not so good when dealing with non life-threatening situations. It is especially deficient in solving complex, societal and cultural problems. The ego/instinct will retain control with fear until we can see it for what it is and choose differently. We are not born immoral, we are born afraid, in my view.

Fear causes us to make choices that do not serve us or others. It is our response to fear that is immoral. Sin is not immorality, but fear. Our instinctual fear-based patterns cause us to go into take mode, which can sometimes be the wrong thing. We need to take sometimes, for sure, but if we do it from fear, the decision will likely lead to some form of suffering, which is any form of unhappiness.

Suffering and feeling like a victim often go hand-in-hand. These attributes are chosen. They are chosen simply because we don’t know how to stop them. We don’t know that there are options outside of the dominating ego/instinct patterns of perception. But there are. The Archedomi™ model shows you the four core complexes that drive the ego/instinct patterns, and what needs to be done about them to stop the suffering. If you have a life long experience of feeling rejected, Archedomi can help you. If you have a life-long experience of feeling betrayed, Archedomi can help you. If you have a life-long experience of feeling like you don’t know enough, Archedomi can help you. How about a life-long experience of feeling afraid of conflict or that others will be angry with you? Archedomi can help you too. These are fears created by something deeper that was imprinted upon you at birth. You did not inherit these feelings. They are nature’s way of both protecting your physical existence and a way of giving your psyche something to outgrow and work on throughout your life. Archedomi can provide a shortcut to that life-long work. It can be easier.

I’d like to provide you with some examples of the more subtle levels of fear and suffering. I gave you one example of fear of losing a game. Most people can handle that type of fear just fine and may not recognize it as fear, but it is. Most people would definitely recognize fear of losing someone that they love. That is a bigger fear and a bigger loss. The degree to which you value something as a loss, is the same degree to which you hold fear around it.

One example is what might be called “laziness”. Laziness is often viewed as a character defect. In general, people who seem lazy are not actually lazy. They may be afraid of their own greatness. In their mind, if they go out into the world to pursue a passion, they run the risk of failing at it. They also run the risk of setting the bar for success high and then disappointing others, or themselves, by failing at it later. Either way they are at risk of losing all hope of ever succeeding. Being lazy and not putting forth any effort provides hope for future success. Fear of failure and success both cost us our hope. This is a common affliction for people with low self-esteem, another fear of not being enough in some form.

Pursuing greatness requires the ability to overcome fears on all levels. You can do it. Giving to the world uses the other part of the psyche, the part that I call higher self. This is where you tap into wisdom and knowledge beyond what the linear based ego/instinct is capable of. Archedomi™ can show you how to begin this process.

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