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How are Fear and Instinct Related?

The first blog for this month (August, 2022) discussed giving and taking and how these two constructs are related to ego/instinct and evolved-will. This blog will go a bit deeper into how fear and instinct are related. To begin, everything is energy. Everything. Even inanimate objects such as rocks have, and are created with energy. I’m not talking about our science based definition of energy as a resource of power, although it is that too. I’m using the word energy to mean what the Universe is made of. I’ve read that some physicists are beginning to believe that the only thing that truly exists is consciousness, which is this energy I am speaking of. Who knows if we have the right terms to describe this base “thing” that all things derive from, but for now I’ll use the word energy. Energy is not one thing. It is not one vibrational rate, not one sound, not one motion . . . It is all of those things and more. It exists in a plethora of multidimensional forms. We can witness this through things we know to exist, but have no explanation for how they function. We see it in magnetism, gravity, and time. We also see it in the human psyche.

If consciousness is the energy I speak of, then looking at the human psyche in a different way becomes very significant. It means that we exist both within and without our physical bodies. Some of you may know that I spent some time working as a medical intuitive. I have the ability to see inside of people, both their physical function and their psychological function. As I witnessed thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as patterns within people, I became curious about how matter is formed. I used my intuitive skills to ask for an explanation. Keep in mind that we can only understand visions and energies within our base of knowledge or ability to comprehend so I do not suggest that my vision is absolutely correct or the whole truth of it, but it is enough of an understanding to help me get what I needed.

What I was shown was an intense focus of consciousness concentrated on a single spot. That focus acted like a magnet that drew energy to it. As the energy built and gathered together, it became denser and denser, which also caused it to vibrate slower and slower. This is how I saw matter being formed. I also see in the human psyche this same process. When we incarnate into a physical body, we have to separate from our full energy. Historically that has been called soul, or higher self, or some other term. This happens because in physical form our energy has to slow down. The slowing down is what causes it to become its natural form of linearity, or two-dimensionality such as, black-white, up-down, male-female, etc. This is the basic function of the ego/instinct. It works in two-dimensional thinking. The side effect of this necessary two-dimensional energy dynamic is fear.

Because consciousness energy is slowed down, or separated from the faster energy part of us, it tends to process between only two ideas. This is intentional because it serves our survival needs. How it does that is it simplifies our decision making process between only two options, fight-flight, or freeze-fawn. This is also why we see wholeness in terms of four. Four is really two moving past the base two energy. This just means that the fear eased up a very small notch.

Instincts are fear-based and two-dimensional to help us survive. However, we have evolved our technology and social structures far enough that we can provide enough resources for everyone to survive. We no longer need to fight over those resources. But, with our ego/instinct still running the show, we continue to do so. This is not necessary. We have the ability and capacity to move our psyche into its multi-dimensional function. Doing so will do several things: solve problems in a new way that steps outside of traditional modes, create a change in behavioral responses on both the personal and collective levels, provide for more joy and peace as we learn to recognize what fear really is and all of the very subtle ways that it penetrates us.

The instinct has patterns to it. Patterns due to the linearity of our natural system. In the psyche, those patterns create core complexes, wounds, addictive responses, shadows and other thinking, feeling, and behavioral errors that get in the way of you living your best life. The Archedomi™ model is a map of the human psyche and the patterns that instinct creates. Instinct, due to its two-dimensional perspective, causes self-sabotage. Archedomi guides you from self-sabotage to self-mastery. It shows you exactly what you need to do to get past the places that keep you stuck.

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