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Healing Stones

For those of you who don’t know me, I have two sides to my work. I am a Dr. of psychology approaching my theoretical map of psyche in an academic way, and I am a medical intuitive working with consciousness as energy. Our goal is to help everyone gain access to, and work with, that energy. Whether I am speaking in metaphysical terms, or academic terms, consciousness is, always has been, and always will be energy. In fact, physicists are realizing that the only thing that truly exists is consciousness, which is energy. No way around it so that is the way I talk about it.

Some of you may have heard of Lemuria. For those who have not, Lemuria is the name of the ancient land, or continent, in which the Pleiadians began planting the seeds of divinity into modern humans on earth. What remains of Lemuria is Hawaii. Many who travel to Hawaii feel a deep familiarity that makes them want to weep and long to return. The seeds of divinity were planted within our DNA there. If you would like to know more about Lemuria, I recommend a book called the Lemurian Scrolls by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. You can also learn about Lemuria through the channelings of Kryon. If the name Lemuria resonates with you, it may be a memory that is awakening within you.

Either way, I mention it because I have a past incarnation in Lemuria and I have reconnected with it. In the process of making that connection, I was shown, through my intuitive skills, how to access the energy of a Pleiadian Rejuvenation Chamber. The rejuvenation chambers were used to heal as they tied into the earth’s magnetic field to renew our bodies during the Lemurian epoch.

They can also be used in another way. The way that I have been instructed to use it is to access the chamber and channel, or funnel, the energy into stones. Stones are able to hold energy and information much like a hard drive does for a computer (there is a reason computer drives use quartz). I have extracted information from stones in the past so this is not surprising to me at all. I am instructed to charge healing stones and make them available to those who are called to have one. These stones should be worn daily as pendants that hang over the heart chakra. They will provide a gentle nudge in the direction of raising your level of conscious awareness allowing you to remember the wisdom, knowledge and skills held within your higher self.

I asked someone who works with energy to help me test a stone. She laid three stones on her table. I was at my home about 40 miles away when I remotely charged one stone for her. She returned home and said that one of the stones was glowing from the inside and it was making a crackling sound. When she picked it up some pieces fell off into her hand, which was very odd. She said that she held it and it felt like comfort. For another friend, I tried to remotely charge a large piece of rose quartz and the stone cracked. I find that remote charging is too strong so I’ve taken to funneling the energy through my hands while holding a stone to preserve its integrity.

The effects of a healing stone worn over your heart center will be noticed over time. You may experience feeling more confident, less afraid, more willing to be guided, more loving toward self and others, etc. You may also notice that your thinking changes and you experience more joy. You could come into some new intuitive skills as well. Each person is unique and the stone will work with your energy to apply the most appropriate remedy. Your experience will be yours alone.

The healing stones are available through my website at

I have also released a new

book. To honor the occasion, the first two people to purchase healing stones after this is posted will receive a free copy of “Human A Different Way Pocket Guide to Problem Solving”. If you think that you would like a healing stone pendant, please check the website store, but in the likely event that they are sold out, please email to request a healing stone pendant. They are available in a variety of semi-precious gemstones in 25mm oval, or 30mm donut shape. I only use natural stone. I will charge your stone with your personalized healing energy from the Pleiadian Rejuvenation Chamber before it is sent to you. Please add who the stone is for so I can charge it for that person. I am excited to share this energy with you, and look forward to it opening a new window in working with your higher self energy as you move forward in creating your new world.


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