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What is Multidimensionality?

I’m at the far back line of the pickle ball court. Playing doubles, my partner is at the front left of the court, exactly where she should be. My opponent is directly across from me in “the kitchen,” a space close to the net. This particular opponent is known for a deadly move where she places the ball ever so easily in my kitchen, where I am sure to leave it thus scoring a point for their side. However, in this moment, I see my opponent look at me, and because I know her, I know exactly what she is about to do. I am still at the far back of the court and getting to the ball in my kitchen is nearly impossible — but something happens. I move my psyche into a different state focusing very intently on the ball. I can’t take my eyes off of it. I begin to move my feet and everything seems to be in slow motion. I move one foot, then the other, while focusing intently on the ball, asking it to stay afloat long enough for me to reach it with my paddle. I watch it move, in slow motion. It hangs there in the air moving ever so slowly toward my kitchen floor. My feet are moving. I feel a sensation within me of total cooperation and equality. There is no hierarchy here in this multidimensional space. The ball and I are completely equal, one to another. I am not more important than it and it is not more important than me. We exist in unity. My feet are still moving. The ball is slowly falling. I feel at one with the ball as I continue asking it to wait for me. It is doing its thing as a ball does, falling closer to the ground. I am also doing my thing as a player does, running. The ball will not hang in the air only because I wish it to. If I do nothing, it will land in my kitchen, costing me the game. But it cooperates with me, and I with it. My feet keep moving closer and closer as it falls. I reach out my paddle when the ball is within a few inches of hitting the kitchen floor. My paddle makes contact with the ball, sending it upward and forward, over the heads of my opponents, landing inside the court right behind them. We score and win the game.

My experience in that moment was a displacement of time. Everything seemed like slow motion to me as I ran for that ball, asking it to wait for me. People in the audience, watching me play, later asked, “How did you move that fast?” Their perception of time was very different from mine. I’ve often heard athletes talk about being in “the zone”. I think this is what they mean. Intense focus without judgement, without thought of outcome, but rather a knowing of outcome, a cooperation of outcome, sets us into multidimensional reality. People reach multidimensional reality through any kind of creative act whether it be music, pottery, writing, woodworking, photography, or what-have-you. Meditation can get you there too. Multidimensional reality is a state of mind in which you do not think about doing something, but are very present while doing it.

Multidimensional living is an act of thriving. In multidimensionality, miracles take place. Most people have heard stories of something miraculous happening. I can think of several right now, but I wonder what you recall? Have you ever been so focused on doing something, and seeing the outcome of it, that you could not have possibly been distracted by anything? What would life be like if we could exist in multidimensional reality all the time, or at least anytime we wanted to? What could we do with that? Could we heal people? Could we heal our communities, our planet, our kids, our parents? You bet we could, and making that a reality just got a lot more doable. How?

The thing that has struck me most about my multidimensional experiences is a sense of balance. There is absolutely no demanding or commanding that can happen in that state. It is pure cooperation and balance. I think what keeps us from living in multidimensional states is a lack of balance. Our instincts keep us out of balance, and I’ve come up with a way to help you find your balance. I've created a model. Actually, it's a multidimensional map of psyche and in it you will find your core pattern of instinct that drives you toward survival, and keeps you away from true balance.

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Unknown member
Jun 05, 2019

This is what can happen when we stop making money our primary focus. This does NOT mean that we would be poverty ridden. It means that we can live a cooperative and balanced life. This is compassionate economics!! I want what New Zealand is doing, and Bhutan has done since the "70's. Click on the link below.

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