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Lemurian Consciousness in a rock?

Have you ever found something that fills an empty place in you that you didn’t fully realize you had until it became full? That has happened to me twice in my life. The first time was when I met my wife. I knew that I wanted to be married, but I had difficulty discerning what that looked like. Then I met her. The feeling of home is the best way to describe it. Home is what fills the void, in some ways. I can tell lots of reasons why I like my wife, lots of reasons, but love, love is a mystery. I have no idea why I love her. There are other people in the world who are great too, but she is the one who makes me feel as though I am ok as long as she is in this world with me. I have no explanation for that.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to be able to understand what I mean by the feeling of home, the feeling of an unconscious void being filled, a feeling of not knowing about the void until it is filled. Because the 2nd time this happened in my life, it meant something else. I went to Hawaii. The energy of Hawaii brought me to tears. I wept the whole time I was there and I continued to do so after I returned home. Much like I weep at the thought of how much I love my wife. I love the energy of Hawaii. I know many people who have had this experience there. Hawaii is what remains of ancient Lemuria. It is where humanity was seeded with divinity. That seed that propels us forward in our evolutionary quest for . . . something. It was put right into our DNA by the Pleiadians. When they were finished with that task, they put some of their consciousness into the land, which is why many of us feel it when we visit. The energy of it resonates with the Lemurian inside of our DNA, and we weep as it awakens and fills a void we didn’t know that we have.

Before going to Hawaii, I had past life memories of being a Lemurian. I wasn’t surprised by seeing that past incarnation in my meditations upon my return, but I was surprised by what occurred next. That past incarnation invited me into a Pleiadian Rejuvenation Chamber. I won’t go into detail about how that happened because telling you would be like inviting you into my neighbors house. You have to get your own invitation.

It doesn't matter whether or not my meditative visions are real. They could be energy from my DNA communicating with me. I don't know what the mechanism is for making this stuff work. I only know that it works. Consciousness energy is real no matter how it appears.

I visited the chamber and the energy of it is the same as the Lemurian consciousness that I experienced in Hawaii, only more intense in a way, and more subtle in another way. It is gentle but effective. I was instructed to channel that energy into stones that people can wear. By wearing Lemurian consciousness, your DNA resonates and is awakened slowly and gently. You begin to feel calmer, less anxious, less focused on the mundane, and your body responds with a higher vibrational rate that gets closer and closer to Lemurian. You begin to feel at home. When there are enough people who’s DNA has awakened, we can begin to rebuild our world to match that Lemurian consciousness, which is the something to which we are propelled.

The reports back from those who are wearing the stones are very positive. I’ve put a few of those stories on the site. One story is of a woman who began carrying a stone in her pocket. She felt comforted by it. One day she left for work and half way there realized her stone was at home. She felt compelled to turn around and get it because not having it was like not having her best friend with her, or not having her support with her. Another person bought four stones for her and her family. When they arrived in the mail she placed them on an ottoman. Her ailing dog got up and went over to the stones placing her chin on one of them while looking up at her mom. Mom tied a stone to the dog's collar and over the next two weeks, the dog's condition improved. At one point the stone fell out of its wire setting in the yard. The dog brought it to the door where mom would find it. This is what prompted me to make kids and pets pendants with a mesh hanger. One more story is a person was wearing a stone and her friend, who knew nothing about them, said that it was beautiful. The stone was handed to her for her inspection and the woman began to weep much like I did in Hawaii.

The stories keep coming in as more people wear the stones. Regardless of your belief system around my ability to access a Pleiadian Rejuvenation Chamber, there is no faking these kinds of results, especially when people don't know what they are. Energy is always real and we know that because physicists are now understanding that the only thing that truly exists is consciousness.

I charge semi-precious stones with Lemurian energies, set them into pendants and make them available on my website at Please consider wearing a Lemurian Healing Stone on a daily basis. Visit Human A Different Way today to see if you feel called to awaken your Lemurian self.


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