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The Archedomi Instinct and Evolved Will Card Decks are a divination system for your personal evolution. They stand alone to serve you, or they work really well with the Archedomi understanding. These cards help you to discern what kind of instinctual activity your perceptions may be caught in. Then they show you how to get unstuck. You draw a card from the yellow deck (instincts) and read it to discover how it might apply to your current situation. Then you can either draw its numbered mate from the blue deck (Higher self), or draw a random blue card. This one will tell you how to adjust to make things better. These cards are already in the complete kits. 55 Cards in each deck.

Archedomi Card Decks

SKU: 003
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  • There are 55 videos, on for each numbered pair of cards, that expalin the meaning of each in more detail. Please find them on our YouTube Channel  

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