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Our Webinars


These webinars provide further information on the Archedomi® model and how to use it to your greatest benefit. The model shows you how your imprinted instinct holds you back from your own greatness by keeping you in survival mode. Our webinars are meant to help further your self-development through a new paradigm of problem-solving and explaining the duality of your psyche.

Our goal is to help you understand how instinct holds you back and how to overcome its actions enough to gain greater access to your higher self, which sees and knows what the instinct does not. By accessing that side of yourself you can see many solutions rather than limited potentials. Webinars are instructional information sharing on this process. Anyone who has purchased the Human A Different Way course content can access our webinars.

Sign up for certification to use with your clients here.

Webinars will be announced via email to those who have purchased the Archedomi® classes. 

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